About Us


CRAZYBOX, Mutual aid in every point of view


CRAZYBOX is a crowdfunding platform. It allows individuals, regardless of where they reside, to receive financial contributions from anywhere in the world, for the realization of their projects. CRAZYBOX is a completely inclusive platform thanks to our payment system based on blockchain technology and we place a strong emphasis on economic and social development, through the financing of projects with a positive impact:

A dynamic and attractive affiliate program

CRAZYBOX, takes its name from our exceptional affiliation program which allows increased visibility of the platform, and new advantages for our members thanks to our more than advantageous compensation plan.


A payment system based on blockchain technology

CRAZYBOX has put in place a financing system that is both secure and accessible to everyone, regardless of where you live. At CRAZYBOX, We understand the limitations and challenges faced by traditional crowdfunding platforms. Issues such as lack of transparency, delayed fund transfers, high fees and limited global accessibility often hinder the development of crowdfunding programs.

We aim to overcome these obstacles. This is why we use the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to ensure transparency, security and inclusiveness in transactions.

Thanks to the blockchain, contributors from around the world can participate in the financing of projects on CRAZYBOX, regardless of their geographic location and transactions are carried out faster and at lower costs.

Transparency at the heart of the creation of CRAZYBOX

Blockchain technology makes it possible to keep track of all transactions, secure them and publicly verify these transactions on a decentralized platform.

This ensures that project creators are held responsible and that donors can easily follow the progress of the projects they support. Thanks to intelligent contracts and decentralized governance mechanisms, Crazybox promotes a just and transparent ecosystem, strengthening trust and credibility in the crowdfunding process.

Built on the principles of the web3, our platform exploits the inherent advantages of blockchain, allowing individuals and organizations to collect funds and contribute to causes with ease, efficiency and confidence.